Ron Horton
Ron HortonElder

My wife, Terri, and I are privileged to be the parents of four adult children who, with their wonderful spouses, have given us twelve delightful grandchildren.  Along the way, I’ve served as an Army officer, trained at Dallas Theological Seminary and pastored in two churches spanning a period of 27 years.  In recent years, my brother (also a former pastor) and I began and are now leading a non-profit ministry focused on reproducible, one-on-one discipleship.  At ACF, I’m humbled to be teaching and serving in a spiritual leadership role. We are excited about all that God is doing in this community of faith and anticipating even greater things in the days ahead.

If you were an animal what type of animal would you be and why?

A bulldog.  Bulldogs are usually loyal, tenacious and protective, qualities I highly value in my own personal life.  And besides, my first pet was a bulldog and in high school, we were the Andalusia Bulldogs.

What do you love best about ACF?

ACF has an unwavering commitment to faithfully share the Gospel of Christ, fully obey His Word and sincerely love all people, no matter their station or circumstance in life.  The leaders and congregation aren’t always successful in these endeavors, but these remain as the desires of our lives together.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
Actually, I have two: the Road Runner and Wile E Coyote tandem.  No matter what, Wile E Coyote never quit.  He was hilariously relentless in his pursuit of the Road Runner. Although I knew who would prevail, I always laughed at and even appreciated the persistence of Wile E Coyote.  Poor guy!

What are you listening to right now on iPod/mp3/radio/Walkman?

Now, this is going to date me, but I love the music of the Gaither Homecoming and Vocal Band.  Also, I enjoy David Phelps and Phillips, Craig & Dean.  I’m also listening to lots of sermon podcasts.

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Alliance Community Fellowship was planted in March of 2005 and is experiencing steady growth under the favor of God. 
We are committed to celebrating God in our community through faith and outreach by following God’s Holy Word.

Working hours

Worship: 8:30 am (Traditional)
9:15 and 10:30 am (Modern)
Aviators (Birth -4th): 9:15 and 10:30 am
Tween Scene (5th -6th): 9:15 and 10:30 am
ACF Students (7th-12th): 9:15 and 10:30 am

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Alliance Community Fellowship
2185 Golden Heights Rd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76177
Main Phone: (817) 439-0678

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