Bill Hodnett
Bill HodnettElder

Jane and I have been married for 47 years.  We have been active in Bible believing churches the last 30 years in the Atlanta and DFW areas.  We have been a part of ACF from its beginning. I have served as an elder for the entire time.

If you were an animal what type of animal would you be and why?

An elephant.  Because in the elephant world big and fat is totally acceptable.  

What do you love best about ACF?
The authenticity of our people.
What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
When I was growing up there were only two that had been created, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny while I did not consider myself a cartoon fan I must have liked Bugs because I remember stealing his signature line and asking my dad one afternoon when he came home after work “Whats up Doc”.  He look at my mother with a confused look and she said it is that Television.
What are you listening to right now on iPod/mp3/radio/Walkman?
I must make a couple of confession here.  I am not a music person, I only have one of the devices listed above, a radio in my Truck,  I never turn it on.  Jane is a huge music lover and when she has her music on I leave the room.  I love people but treasure Silence.