Tradition or Truth
If you travel to any country or community you will get a sense of tradition.  If you remain their long you may begin to participate in such traditions. Even in the local church we have varying traditions.  Each congregation may do things slightly different based on their culture. Traditions can actually be good things. They can keep us focused and organized.  As a matter of fact, individuals can have traditions too. We may prefer things a certain way, and if it’s not to our preference we become disturbed. Regardless of country, community, or individual these traditions can and sometimes do become truth.  This has been especially true within the church. We have tried to make many traditions Biblical truths, but have you ever tried to figure out which ones are which? It can be challenging. In Romans 14 and 15, Paul addresses such matters with the church in Rome.  In this series, “Tradition or Truth,” we will take a hard look at what traditions we have made truths, how that impacts others, and what we can do about it.    
Week 1 (Romans 14:1-12): Tradition or Truth? – Discussion Questions
Week 2 (Romans 14:13-23): When Traditions Become Obstacles – Discussion Questions
Week 3 (Romans 15:1-13): The Gospel Trumps Tradition with Self-Sacrifice – Discussion Questions

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