Request For Purchase Expense Form (RFP)

Instructions and Information

LAST UPDATED: 06/14/2021

As a growing church that values good stewardship, it is crucial that we maintain the utmost financial integrity. Finance is a connection piece to all ministry departments striving to help you do what God has called you to do. Together we can make a kingdom difference. Please adhere to the following guidelines. Luke 16:10

  • RFP requests received prior to Tuesday @ 9am will be considered for Current Week Approval.
  • Approval Notifications are updated by Thursday @ Noon .
  • Purchases can be completed within 10 days of request.
  • RFP’s are approved for the VENDOR, AMOUNT, and DATE OF PURCHASE only.
  • RFP requests should not be estimates but a request based upon actual pricing.
  • ACF does not pay directly to any individual without a W9 on file. All these payments are subject to the IRS codes for miscellaneous income and are not appropriate for reimbursements.
  • Payment options are: Bento, Check, or use of the ACF Amazon account.
  • All Events that include registration and/or the collection of money should have an approved Event Budget Planning form on file with the Finance Department prior to the approval of any purchases related to the event. (ex: outreach events, camps, VBS, Winshape).
  • All receipts are electronically submitted, must contain the RFP #, and are due 24 hours after purchase.
  • Notify the Finance dept of ALL changes or modifications through the RFP email.
  1. Review Department Budget
  2. Research quantity and pricing
  3. Submit RFP form
  • Follow instructions on Notification Email
  • Complete purchase(s) by the approved date
  • Submit receipts electronically within 24 hours of purchase

Sometimes due to the nature of our non-profit business; we are unable to approve all requests. If this happens, you will be notified again when approved.

We understand that sometimes ministry can be unpredictable, however, it is your responsibility to notify the finance department asap of any changes by replying to your RFP email.