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Planning Center People is the hub for all Planning Center products. It houses all contact information and even tracks activity happening in other products.

People provides a database full of people who attend ACF. This database will help us to connect with people and continue to follow up with them!


From a person’s profile, you can see their contact information, household, and social profiles or school information.

From the Activity tab, you can also see the last time a person checked in, attended a group, served on a team, or registered for an event. If you don’t have permissions in a product, you won’t see activity for it.

Click the product name to enable or disable that product from the list.

You can also see any notes left on their profile.


If you need to contact groups of people, you can create a list, and then use bulk actions or automations to reach out to them.

Check out Planning Center’s Common Lists to see which one you might need.


Workflows help you move people through a process. You might already be assigned to some cards, so make sure you keep up to date with the workflows by checking the tab or updating your notifications.