Spiritual Gifts Definitions



Titus was to organize the ministry in Crete. In 1 Corinthians 12:28, there is a list of spiritual gifts that includes administration. The person with this gift helps the church organize itself so it can effectively minister to its own members and to others out in the world.


The gift of giving expresses itself in a desire to give above and beyond our ten percent tithe. The person with this gift finds it easy to give freely and is very cheerful in doing so.


The gift of service expresses itself in a desire to serve others. The person with this gift finds it easy to be a servant in the church and finds great joy and fulfillment in doing so.


The gift of evangelism is the ability to explain clearly to lost people how to become Christians and to persuade them to desire to be saved.


The gift of prophecy enables a person to speak God’s Word boldly so that it brings conviction of sin. Prophets speak to people and confront them concerning sin.


The gift of teaching is the ability to teach Bible truths in a way that others might understand and be built up in their faith.


Romans 12:6-8 lists several gifts of the Spirit, including the gift of encouragement. It is given to build up the body of Christ. The person with the gift of encouragement easily edifies other people, helps build confidence, and reminds Christians of the hope they have in Christ.


The gift of a shepherd is to lead, guide, and feed the flock of God, which is the church. The shepherd, or pastor, is gifted by the Holy Spirit to be a leader. He has the ability and desire to teach, protect, and build up the church.


Those who have the gift of mercy see the needs of others and find it easy to help them. They are aware of people’s needs around them.


The gift of faith is an unwavering trust in what God promises. The person with the gift of faith believes that God will be faithful to His Word.


Christians with the gift of helps are those who like to work to assist or help another person’s ministry. They usually work behind the scenes.