Wednesday, April 24
6:30-8:00 pm
Verseathon is a celebration of God’s Word and the way it transforms our lives. 
Funds raised through Verseathon support local and global missions. 
Everyone invited! Clubbers, parents, ACF church people, and friends can all participate.

Parent FAQs

How can my child participate?
It’s simple!
1. Get a packet.
2. Help your child review and memorize verses.
3. Collect donations and attend club on VAT Night.
When will VAT Packets be available?
Wednesday, March 6 during Awana Club. 
What if I need a replacement VAT Packet and Sponsor Sheet?
Simply click what you need here and print it out:
Why should my child participate in VAT?
Whether your child knows 1 verse or 100 verses, Verseathon is celebration of every verse committed to memory and hidden in his heart. Verseathon reminds children and parents how important learning and sharing God’s Word is in their walk with the Lord. Clubbers will be in their normal groups as we focus on reciting God’s Word. 
Who else can participate?
Verseathon isn’t just for clubbers. ACF Awana Volunteers will participate and we encourage Awana parents and church members to memorize verses as well. Anyone can collect sponsors and anyone can show up on Verseathon Night to recite God’s Word. 

How can I volunteer?

We expect to hear 3000+ Bible verses on VAT Night and we need YOU! Ways to serve:
• Memorize God’s Word and be prepared to recite it on VAT night
• Be a Memory Verse Listener
• Be a Cheerleader
All volunteers arrive by 6:10 pm on VAT Night.

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