ACF Staff

Nathan Tucker

Senior Pastor/Elder

Tim Bach

Executive Pastor/Elder

Bill Hodnett


GW Holt


Ron Horton


Tim Pyle


Sean Busse

Family Minister

Phil Courtney

Groups Minister

Cody Bailey

Campus Impact Coordinator

Melissa Bufe

First Flight Preschool Director

Ashley Skaggs

First Flight Office Manager

T'Nesha Moody

First Flight Office Assistant

Leslie Taylor

Preschool Coordinator for Alliance Aviators

Danika Olson

Elementary Coordinator for Alliance Aviators

Shawna Wren

Administrative Asst for Alliance Aviators

Misty Hyre

Executive Administrator

Elaine Dominy

Finance/Assimilation/Sports Outreach Admin

Kelly Schieffer

Communication and Pastoral Administrator

Melanie Walsh

Assistant to Family Pastor

Amanda Chaney

Administrative Asst Students/Assimilation

Kevin Jessop

Marketing/Website/Creative Production

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