Awana Team Member One-Year Commitment

Awana Team Member One-Year Commitment

What is an Awana Team Member?

ACF Awana is part of the overall ACF Children’s Ministry. The Awana Team shares a mission (to partner with parents to train their children to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ) within the overall vision of Alliance Community Fellowship (to reach people, pursue Christ, and make more and better disciples). We offer a first class experience for families. Each of our Awana Team members has a teachable spirit, a great work ethic, and a love for Jesus. We are like family--we encourage, support, and love one another.

The ACF Awana Leadership Team desires to inspire and serve you as an Awana Team Member. We want to help you find your sweet spot and become the spiritual champion God created you to be:

Preschool Director: Kathleen Kennedy
Sparks Director: Kelly Schieffer
T&T Director: Kristy Swaim
Admin Director: Liz Humber
Worship & Games Director: Amy Jackson
Commander: Misty Gray Hyre
ACF Family Minister: Sean Busse

To contact ACF Awana Clubs email